Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If they give you ruled paper...write the other way!

If you want a typical web site, Mojo Foxx is not your place. Their web designs and philosophy are a bit outside-the-box. Mojo Foxx specializes in graphics-based web design, as well as CMS development and online stores. Their goal is to capture the unique image and feel of a business and translate that into a personalized web presence. Such endeavors can rarely be captured using the monotonous cookie-cutter templates that are used on most websites. There are millions of web sites competing for customers in a tough economy. Why be satisfied with the status quo?

Mojo Foxx takes a very personal approach to developing a total web presence. Their concept is to get to know the individual and their business. They want to discover the things that make each business unique and special. They seek to make websites very customer-oriented and inspiring of trust. And they resolve to build each site in a well-organized, easy-to-find, easy-to-read, aesthetically-pleasing fashion that will motivate viewers to dig deeper into the site and what the business has to offer.

At Mojo Foxx...they have a "method." They do not want to merely place websites on the Internet. Their goal is to position each site on the Internet. This involves search engine optimization, business citations, social media integration and beneficial marketing strategies. Mojo Foxx desires their client's businesses to grow and prosper. When you hire Mojo Foxx, you are not merely a client, you become part of their family!

Visit Mojo Foxx at www.mojofoxx.com

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