Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rockin Web Design

Finely Crafted Furniture

Mojo Foxx is a unique South Mississippi web design studio. In January 2012, John and Jennifer Cripps merged their web design and screenprinting enterprises into one new business...and Mojo Foxx was born. Along with the new name, new location and new product branding came a new philosophy. John and Jen were always uniquely creative and outside-the-box, but they would pretty much accept whatever job came along...and make the best of it. Mojo Foxx was born with a more refined mission statement as they believe its time to save the world from ugly artwork, awful websites and unethical Internet practices.

Their conviction is that websites should be honest and uniquely fit the image of a business. Their objective is to construct a website with a well-crafted balance of appearance and functionality around a theme. The Mojo Foxx philosophy is to build working partnerships with honest, hard-working small business owners. Therefore, Mojo Foxx only accepts web design work from individuals and businesses who share a strong code of ethics and a desire to work hard to have a stunning, practical and profitable Internet presence. They developed a system called the Mojo Foxx Method to simplify and streamline the site development process. This system dictates that entire websites should be constructed in days, not weeks or months. The Method calls for clearly laying out all the cost and responsibilities up front, so there are no hidden surprises.

When Mojo Foxx speaks of outside-the-box design, it doesn't necessarily mean "wild and crazy" websites. It mainly refers to an approach. Years of experience taught them a website should be like a piece of finely crafted furniture. For instance, take the crafting of a fine rocking chair. You have the whole process of selecting the right wood, as well as the most aesthetic and comfortable design. You take your tools of the trade and work with the wood until you get it shaped just right, and sanded smooth as silk. You assemble it with great care using the finest glues. You then apply the hand-rubbed oil stain and varnish to put that final dazzling finish to it. When complete, you take your fine piece of art and position it where it will serve its practical purpose. The rare beauty that comes only from hand-crafted work will shine forth. Everyone who looks at it will know it wasn't purchased from Wal-MartTM. Yes, we live in a rat-race society where true craftsmen are rare. Too many folks would rather take a few 2 x 4s, nail them together crudely, and call it a day! But will their quickly constructed bench or chair be comfortable, and attractive, enough to prompt someone to sit in it? Does it even look trustworthy enough to sit in?

Indeed, Mojo Foxx has a mission. They desire to approach web design as a fine art. They believe every page should be hand-crafted and follow that unique business-image theme. You would not want your rocking chair constructed with a fine seat...yet shoddy back, arms and legs. The entire piece of furniture should be constructed with the same care, look and flow. The same attention, therefore, should be given to all of the pages on your site. Your seat is your home page, the arms are your "about us" page, and the back is your product or services. Of course, the legs are for positioning your site on the Internet. They should all fit beautifully together and maintain the same attractive hand-rubbed oil finish.

Mojo Foxx strives to break out of the mold of factory-made websites and create unique, really kewl-looking stuff. Hey, kewl isn't always a foxx with a guitar (though you've got to admit...he's got it goin' on!). Sometimes simple is best. The main goal is to capture the image of your business...whatever that is. At Mojo Foxx, the entire staff are rockers and musicians...so Mr. Foxx fits that image. Your business might have an entirely different image. The Mojo Foxx website might be too outside-the box for some people...but that's OK too, because they are being honest. The site represents who they are. It is their image and they believe they'll get their share of business from those who do get it.

My friends, if you are an ethical small business owner, who covets a finely crafted piece of "furniture," where every attention to detail is met...I recommend reading some more about Mojo Foxx, their unique philosophy, code of ethics and the Mojo Foxx Method of web design. They have provided a recommended reading order to learn more about their styles and services.

Thanks for your patience in taking the time to study more about this unique web design studio. If you are looking for a truly extraordinary website, your patience will be rewarded!

CREDITS: The "Foxx With A Guitar" image was hand-drawn by John Cripps, Jr. and is a trademark of Mojo Foxx LLC. Therefore it cannot be used on any other website. The rocking chair photo is from Gary Weeks & Co. - a fine Texas furniture maker. I recommend reading about their art of making furniture by hand.

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